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interieur mercedes class E
interieur voiture de mercedes

Transfer services

For all daily trips, TGV station, airport, A professional driver offers package prices, price announced in advance, no surprises at the end of the race.

Details of the benefit



Details of the benefit 

Unit cost per mile 2,20 €

Coverage 5 € TTC

Minumum stock 20 € TTC

The most of the benefit

  • Service on board

    On-board service, Wi-Fi access, beverage, all-brand electric chargers for mobile phones, presses, tablets, boosters, umbrellas.

  • Custom-made service

    Your driver will pick you up and drop you off wherever you want. We provide care at home, in company, reception upon your return to the airports and train stations with name sign. Take advantage of his help to take your luggage to the vehicle without having to worry about where the vehicle is parked.

  • Package transportation and more urgent

    You have a parcel or letter of great value.

    We take care of its transport safely so that it arrives in the best conditions.

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